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LISTEN to LIVE   fire/police radio communications
for Nevada County via WinAMP or iTunes

Hear live fire and police communications of Nevada County over the internet. We automatically scan Fire, Police, and CHP frequencies and allow 30 simultaneous users on the internet to listen, 24 hours 7 days a week. Now you can hear live fire dispatches of 49er Fire District, Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Nevada County Consolidated Fire Protection.

Not to worry if you don't hear anything - there are times when nothing is being dispatched for 5-30 minutes.

Here are the frequencies scanned out of Nevada City, California:

California Highway Patrol
42.3400   CHP (BLUE)
42.5400   CHP (GREEN)
159.0300   CHP
City of Grass Valley
46.4600   Grass Valley FD
43.2400   Grass Valley FD
156.000   Grass Valley PD Dispatch
45.7800   Grass Valley PD Secondary
46.0200   Grass Valley PD Secondary City of Nevada City
Nevada City
46.1600   Nevada City Fire Department
155.010   Nevada City Police Department
Nevada County Consolidated Fire Protection District
153.9650   Dispatch by CDF
Nevada County Sheriff's Office
39.3400   Nevada County Sheriff(EAST)
39.7600   Nevada County Sheriff (DISP)
155.5650   Western Primary
155.7600   Eastern Primary
155.6000   Tac 15
155.0100   Nevada City Tac 9
159.0300   Nevada County Sheriff
49er Fire Protection District
46.2200   49er Fire Protection District
46.2600   49er Fire Protection District
46.2800   49er Fire Protection District
46.4600   49er Fire Protection District
154.2650   49er Fire Protection District
154.2800   49er Fire Protection District
154.2950   49er Fire Protection District

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